This 隐私通知 tells you about how we use the personal information we collect from you when you access and use our website at http://www.cs8s.com/ 以及2020十大正规网赌网址在Facebook、Twitter和LinkedIn上的社交网络页面. Regarding the personal data we collected from you or you provided us with we are acting as a data controller.






电子邮件地址: office@www.cs8s.com.



塞浦路斯,利马索尔,3026,Vasili Michailidi, 9岁

电子邮件地址: office@www.cs8s.com.

2020十大正规网赌网址无须配备资料保护主任(DPO), therefore any enquiries about use of your personal data can be addressed to the contact details above.


当您(1)使用2020十大正规网赌网址的网站时,2020十大正规网赌网址会收集您的数据, (2)透过电邮或网页上的查询表格与2020十大正规网赌网址联络, 或者(3)通过社交网络2020十大正规网赌网址. 请注意,2020十大正规网赌网址不会使用您提供的数据进行任何自动化决策.


1. 2020十大正规网赌网址的网站使用谷歌分析分析用户的行为. 谷歌分析是一个收集特定信息的工具, 哪些可能被认为是个人的, 当您访问和使用本网站时. 包括IP地址、会话时长、设备型号等. 您可以在这里找到谷歌分析服务的完整描述 http://support.google.com/analytics/answer/7390017?hl=en. 请注意,这些数据将与谷歌共享. 如需更多资料,请参阅谷歌的私隐政策 http://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=en.

2. 当您访问和浏览本网站时,2020十大正规网赌网址可能会在您使用的设备上放置cookies. 饼干s are small files that are necessary to track visits and activity of our website users. 有“会话”和“持久”cookie. 一旦您关闭浏览器,会话cookie将被永久删除. Persistent cookies are stored until their expiration date and then removed automatically by your browser or until you delete them manually.

2020十大正规网赌网址使用的一些cookie是2020十大正规网赌网址网站正常运行所必需的. 所以,2020十大正规网赌网址不需要你的同意来放置它们. 若使用并非绝对必要的cookies,2020十大正规网赌网址会一直征求您的同意.

2020十大正规网赌网址也使用第三方cookie,比如youtube.com. 如需更多资料,请参阅谷歌的私隐政策 http://policies.google.com/technologies/cookies?hl=en - us #类型的cookie.

2020十大正规网赌网址使用cookies确保您在2020十大正规网赌网址的网站上获得最好的体验, 确认您是2020十大正规网赌网址的用户, 定制2020十大正规网赌网址的网站, 提高生产力和你的经验, 定制的广告, 衡量促销效果, 收集您的接入设备信息.

Most web browsers automatically accept cookies but provide controls that allow you to block or delete them. Please refer to your browser’s privacy or help documentation to find instructions for blocking or deleting cookies in case you want to block or delete them.

3. 2020十大正规网赌网址的网站可以使用验证码和热图等类似工具. Captcha is a tool which requires a user to type the letters and numbers displayed on the picture. Captcha verifies if a person is not a robot and thereby helps us to secure the use of the website. 验证码可能会收集IP地址、cookies、网站行为等. Heatmap是一种分析形式,它向2020十大正规网赌网址展示了网站用户在页面上的点击位置, 他们向下滚动页面有多远, 等. Legal basis for processing of such personal data — legitimate interest to secure and improve your user experience on the website.


We also collect your information when you contact us via email or the enquiry form (“2020十大正规网赌网址” form). 2020十大正规网赌网址使用这些信息来回应您的查询. 法律基础——合法利益.

您提供的数据包括:名称, 电话号码(可选), 电子邮件地址, 公司名称(可选). You may also provide us with any other information in attached documents and the blank field of the enquiry form.



如果您与2020十大正规网赌网址联系或通过社交网络分享内容或信息, you become involved in relations with the third party that provides such respective social network. These 第三方 collect your personal data according to their privacy policies, so please read privacy policies of such 第三方 carefully before you proceed with any actions involving such social networks.

Facebook的隐私政策可在 http://www.facebook.com/policy.php.

Twitter隐私政策可在 http://twitter.com/en/privacy.

LinkedIn隐私政策可在 http://www.linkedin.com/legal/privacy-policy.

请注意, 以防你已经注册了社交网络, 他们可能会识别你的身份并处理你的账户信息. 2020十大正规网赌网址对这些第三方不承担任何责任.

We use the information you provide us via social networks on the basis of our legitimate interest to contact you back.


如果您向2020十大正规网赌网址提供您的个人资料, 基于2020十大正规网赌网址的合法利益,2020十大正规网赌网址可能会进一步联系您以推广2020十大正规网赌网址的服务. 以防2020十大正规网赌网址寄给你任何直接标记材料, you will always have a right to unsubscribe from receiving it on the bottom of every marketing email.

2020十大正规网赌网址也可能从公共领域收集有关您的某些信息, 第三方, 或其他网站与您2020十大正规网赌网址的营销材料. 信息可能会从社交网络中收集, 业务合作伙伴, 分包商, 广告网络, 和分析服务提供商.

在这种情况下, we process your personal data collected from other sources where it is necessary for our legitimate interests and your interests and fundamental rights do not override those interests. Legitimate interest means our interest in marketing our services to perspective clients and customers.


2020十大正规网赌网址可能会将您的数据转移到利通集团的公司或其他第三方, 如果有必要回复您的查询或解决您的问题. 这些第三方可以是2020十大正规网赌网址的分包商或远程技术专家. We will ensure that any transfer we make is secure and does not impair your rights and interests.


As a general rule we store your enquiry emails/messages for 1 year since the last contact with you, 然后2020十大正规网赌网址删除它们.



  • 如果2020十大正规网赌网址在征得您同意的基础上处理您的数据, to 收回你的同意 在任何时候.
  • 更正你的数据 如果不准确或 完整的数据 如果是不完整的.
  • 如果2020十大正规网赌网址是根据您的同意或履行合同来处理您的数据, 收到副本 2020十大正规网赌网址处理你的个人信息.
  • 请求删除(删除) 有关你的个人资料(在某些情况下).
  • 问2020十大正规网赌网址 停止处理 (限制处理)您的个人信息(在某些情况下).
  • Where we process your data on the basis of your consent or performance of a contract, you can ask us 将您的个人数据转移到第三方 表示你.
  • T他有权反对直接营销. 一旦您通知2020十大正规网赌网址,2020十大正规网赌网址将停止将您的数据用于此类目的.
  • 如果处理是基于合法利益, 反对这种处理.
  • 向政府有关部门提出申诉. 您的权限可能因您居住的国家不同而有所不同.

你可透过以下联络方式向2020十大正规网赌网址行使你的权利: office@www.cs8s.com.

当你向2020十大正规网赌网址发出要求行使你的权利时,请注意, 2020十大正规网赌网址可能需要合理地验证你的身份. 因此, we may ask you to confirm your identity via email or other means to make sure that you are who you claim to be and may further ask you certain questions to understand the nature and scope of your request.


2020十大正规网赌网址可不时修订本私隐通知. 2020十大正规网赌网址将更改第一页所示的“最后更新日期”. It is your obligation to review this Notice each time you access our website in order to be aware of the changes.

We will notify you in case of a material change to this 隐私通知 before such changes will take effect.

If you do not agree to the revised 隐私通知, you should discontinue using this website.

Questions, comments and request regarding this 隐私通知 are welcomed and should be sent to office@www.cs8s.com.

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